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Always have a clean and clear screen, without annoying fingerprints. Our oleophobic coating completely solves this problem and repels grease and fats, preventing their adhesion. However, if contamination has occurred, then you can simply wipe the screen with a soft cloth or microfiber.


The top layer of MAMMOTH™ is soft to touch, but it is really tough and provides maximum protection from scratches.

It is very difficult to scratch even with sand that might have stuck under the tip of your stylus and MAMMOTH™ keeps its glossy appearance and excellent clarity.

Penetration protection

Durability is MAMMOTH’s middle name. The bottom layer is specifically designed to withstand penetration.

Military grade material and its unique properties completely exclude the possibility of small abrasives getting in contact with the screen.

Impact protection

The MAMMOTH™ film even has something more in store for you. It protects the screen of your device from destructive impacts.

This is true with the our "soft core" - two internal layers of durable and absolutely transparent polyurethane with altered structure at nano level and perfect impact absorption.


In the production of the MAMMOTH™ film we use a special optical lacquer, which enhances the optical properties of the film significantly, provides natural light transmission and delays 99% of UV radiation.

There are no more rainbow effects, discolored or yellowing picture, and the UV-protection means that your eyes can read from the screen much longer.


We designed our protective film for long-term use. The best-in-class adhesive layer allows it to glue to a surface multiple times.

If necessary, it can be easily removed and washed without fear of washing the adhesive away with the dirt.

Bubble free dry application

Forget about liquid or spray when installing your protective film. MAMMOTH™ screen protector uses a dry installation process.

The thinnest, optically transparent and pure silicone layer firmly adheres to the surface of the screen and is perfectly smoothed with the application squeegee.

Furthermore, our silicon layer makes existing small scratches inconspicuous and your screen always looks fresh.

what else you can expect?

MAMMOTH™ is a modern multi-layered and multi-purpose glossy protective film. It is created to keep your device attractive and protects each pixel of your screen from sand, dust, rain, snow, and mechanical impact, as well as from grease and high temperatures.

It doesn’t affect the quality of the picture of your device. The screen keeps its level of sensitivity and will respond to your every touch.

Our screen protector uses military grade materials developed for the aerospace and aviation industries.

Due to the unique polymer technology with oleophobic coating, each of the four layers solves a particular problem, and combined all together they create an incredibly strong multi-level protection for your device.