How to install the MAMMOTH™ protective film on your device

step 01. Prepare your space

For the optimum environment during the installation process of the film use a clean, well-lit and windless place.

Avoid film exposure to dust or other contaminants, which can lead to bubbles.

Note: The best place to perform the installation is a well-lit desk to help see any potential tiny particles of dust and dirt.

step 02. Wash your hands

Washing your hands is advisable before the installation process, because any contaminants, fingerprints or grease can be sealed between the film and phone surface and ruin the visibility of the screen and aesthetic of the application.

step 03. simulate the process

Simulate the process of application. It needs to feel like the final process will be.

Applying the film must be gradual, starting from the bottom and finishing at the top.

step 04. clean the screen

If the screen is dirty or greasy then carefully wipe it with the Alco Pad supplied. Cleaning is executed with movements in one direction from one side to the other - movements back and forth just move dust particles and other contaminants on the surface.

Note: For the final stage of cleaning, use the dry cleaning cloth. Use it until the screen shows no signs of grease contamination.


The cleanliness of the screen should be checked with a bright light. Raising a screen at an angle to the light, you'll be able to clearly see any remaining spots and specks of dust that still need to be removed.

step 06. peel off the liner

Pinch the edge and peel off a small part of the protective liner. During the installation of the film, try to avoid touching the adhesive layer, or you may leave fingerprints or dust particles which spoil the look of the screen.

step 07. start the installation

Start the installation from the bottom of the screen aligning exactly horizontally and vertically. Gradually remove the protective liner and press the central part of the film to the screen.

If the film has shifted position, carefully peel off the film with a piece of scotch tape from the screen and re-apply.

Note: You also can use piece of scotch tape to remove any remaining specks of dust under the protective film.

step 08. finalize

Finally, use the squeegee tool inside the packaging to smooth out the film with movements from the center to the edges. This helps to eliminate air bubbles formed under the film.

Wipe the screen surface with cleaning cloth. That's it. Your smartphone screen is safe with MAMMOTH™ thick-skinned protection!

How to reuse the film


If you need to remove the protector, it is enough to peel off one of the edges, and it comes off easily.

Attaching a piece of scotch tape to the corner of your protector can help pull it out.

Also, you can use a wooden toothpick for gently separating the protector from the screen.


To remove dirt from your protective film, you can wash it with warm water. It must be dried before second installation.

Clear the screen from dust and stains. If you have no cleaning cloth supplied, it is best to use wipes for LCD display.

Cotton pads or tissue with small fibers cannot be used to clean the screen, as they can remain on the surface.


Install the protective film as described in installation guide.

If you are not satisfied with the installation, you can repeat it all over again: wash, dry and install.

Doing this job a few times, you will learn to do it with your eyes closed.