Introducing MAMMOTH™

The all new film screen protector made from

the finest of materials that have passed countless

special stress tests.

These materials were designed for use in spacecraft

and now are available to you

Thick-skinned protection


your peace of mind!

Say no more to ragged, chipped and broken screens!

Our state of the art MAMMOTH™ screen protector

will ensure that cracked screens will be a

thing of the past.

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and now are available to you

protect your phone and your peace of mind


your money with mammoth!

The cost of replacing your broken screen is no longer a nightmare.

The search for a costly screen replacement is finally over

with MAMMOTH™ screen protection.

In short, MAMMOTH™ is an invaluable small investment to ensure

you don’t spend another cent fixing your expensive phones.

Save your gadget and your money


Replacement Program

MAMMOTH™ protector comes with a

lifetime replacement warranty, which comes

into effect from the date of purchase.

Thanks to this, the screen of your smart phone

will always be protected by your favorite MAMMOTH™,

protected by our Lifetime Replacement Program.

We protect your Mammoth