Frequently Askedquestions

question 01. is a screen protector really necessary?

Yes of course! Damage protection aside, the modern smartphone is both a necessity and a status symbol. It's unlikely that a dirty and ragged device, with scratches on the screen will be one to match your image.

question 02. I have Gorilla glass, do I really need a screen protector?

Smartphone screens need to be protected, even if they are made from Gorilla Glass. For all its toughness, it remains vulnerable to hard impacts and scratches. More information and advice by authoritative and independent resources can be found online.

question 03. how mammoth™ screen protector resists impacts?

With its soft core, the MAMMOTH™ film is shock absorbing. It weakens, absorbs and redistributes the shock of impact over the entire surface area of the screen and prevents it from getting crushed.

question 04. does the protective film affect the appearance of the device?

No. MAMMOTH™ films use modern production technology, which contributes to a highly aesthetic look and makes the screen protector barely noticeable over the screen.

question 05. Does the Screen Protector Affect Touch Screen Sensitivity?

The simple answer is no. Your touch screen’s sensitivity is completely unaffected when you use MAMMOTH™ films.

question 06. Can I use screen protector with a stylus?

When using a MAMMOTH™ film there might be a small difference in sensation compared to an unprotected screen. However after using it for a bit you'll probably stop noticing it at all.

question 07. Can I install the protective film by myself?

Yes. The process of installation is quite easy, just follow the steps in our detailed installation guide.

question 08. Do I need to have my device turned off for any time after the installation?

No. Your smartphone is immediately ready for use after installation of a MAMMOTH™ screen protector.

question 09. can I Apply the Screen Protector Without Air Bubbles?

Our 100% pure silicone adhesive layer and special screen applicator Squeegee help to completely eliminate the appearance of any annoying bubbles.

question 10. How long after installing the protective film can I safely remove a nd reinstall it?

If something went wrong during the installation, you can peel off the film immediately and reinstall.

You even can wash it to remove any particles of dust.

question 11. How many times I can reuse mammoth™ screen protector?

Our film is intended for repeated use, but we recommend to remove it no more than once a month.

question 12. Will I have screen marks from my mammoth™ after removal?

No, just clean your screen with a soft cloth.